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Week One

So its been exactly a week since we launched Mystikal Zen. Wow what a week it’s been, full hands to the brim to try and get the comms out to our dear friends and family and receiving their wonderful words of encouragement and hope.

But what has been the most impactful and most memorable ones are the special moments that have been made and shared this week. The joy when a crystal has really touched someone’s heart, it is such a rewarding feeling of the true power of its connection and knowing that it’s going to help make things better for them, makes it even more worth the while. Crystals have a habit of calling out to you when you are ready to discover their healing properties.

All items that are on the site, represent a special piece of me, as they have helped me on my own personally journey. My pieces are hand selected (from reputable ethical suppliers) and have been inspired from my own personal collection that I have grown over the past 3/4 years. For those that know me well, I don’t do things by half measures or sit on the fence for too long!! I’m willing to try and give something a go and that’s how I came across Reiki (more on that in my future posts). I’ve been a strong believer of the saying ‘don’t knock it until you’ve tried it’!

So each week I pledge to share snippets of my journey via blogging on my site. Hope it inspires, gives you strength and courage to be that extra bit bolder, extra bit braver, and extra bit courageous to help reveal the real you.

This week, I dedicate a special mention to my dad, Ramji (Ramo) who has been my motivator, my strength, my focus and my inspiration. He is why I am here today. Sadly, my dad passed away, 5 years this coming December. A person full of joy, strength and laughter, that is until his illness of bipolar (depression) took over while he was in his mid 30s. Changing him in more ways than ever. Sadly, the problem with society that we live in, doesn’t really understand what it like to suffer from a illness that no one can physically see. Behind the illness, there was so much genuine love, compassion and strength. A person who worked from such a young age, for all of his life – for his family, never wanting to miss a day’s work and the most simplistic in terms of owning anything of materialistic value. He provided the foundation of who I am today. Taught me to work hard, play hard and never to give up. He never got to enjoy his retirement, he was only 60 when he passed, being the youngest of his siblings – life doesn’t get much bolder than that.

Life gives us opportunities, presents us with many open doors, but it’s for each of us to walk through them and enjoy the learnings that they give us. When one door closes another several doors open. We need the courage to see them all, brave enough to walk through them and give them a go. Each person holding the pen, creating their own special journey, being the illustrator and narrator of their own story. Sometimes the paths we chose bring us the most heaviest of pain and grief, until we start to really understand the lessons they have offered us and it is only then, does the mind set start to shift, the load becomes that little bit lighter and you can start to move forward.

Live for today, don’t wait until tomorrow, as it may never come. Leave no room for regrets or what ifs! Live in the moment, making memories that you can look back on when there is nothing else. Smile, give thanks to the blessings and make each day count.

This year has been a year of self reflection and if I can share my experience, my knowledge, my passion, my insecurities to help make a difference then that is something I am willing to do.

I urge you all to listen to your true calling and understand your true purpose. Surround yourself with those filled with love, light and positivity. Go and capture your dreams with great smiles on your face. Leave an impression on someone’s heart no matter how big or small and they will start to see a glimmer of hope as they welcome you in their lives. Be the spark that ignites someones light to shine that much brighter.

The power of listening, sharing, and learning is what helps us spread more love and light in this world. That is my mission and my purpose.

My name is Nita and this is my story.

Gratitude to all that have left an impact in my life.


Week 1 – 24 Oct 2020

Does this story resonate with you? What did you learn from that life experience?

Do you own any crystals? What did you feel when you held your first crystal?

Love to hear from you!


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