15 January 2020

Nita is an excellent reiki practitioner. She really knows how to put you at ease and quickly focuses on the treatment required. She is a true professional and has helped me immensely with unblocking my energies.

Would recommend to anyone
26 February 2020

The Reiki Master was clear on instructions and had a calming and encouraging effect. The whole experience was relaxing.

Covid-19 Treatment
25 June 2020

I contacted Nita in April 2020 to carry out distance Reiki healing on my parents who were in hospital with Covid19 for 2 months, she responded back and started promptly. She always kept me updated from start to finish and even feed back to me which kept me in high spirits. I will be using Nita again in the future.

Highly Recommended
16 July 2020

Nita is very passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping to heal others. I’ve had a few reiki sessions including distant healing with Nita and she is very caring, professional and intuitive. She creates a safe environment where you can feel free to express yourself but also be vulnerable enough to release any negative energy and receive the help you need. Without me saying anything she has been able to pick up on emotions I’ve suppressed over the years and helped me release those blocks. All my treatments have been dealt with and handled in the most caring way. Recommend Nita 100% to anyone wanting to undergo Reiki/ Crystal healing.

Virtual healing sessions
24 July 2020

Loved having virtual healing sessions during lockdown in the comfort of my own home

All Round
27 September 2020

Nita is amazing human being very caring and understanding. I contacted Nita as my son is going through low mood due to his Bi Polar condition after his session with her he felt good and was able to attend his friends birthday party. She also had time for me which was truly appreciated because as a mum I wanted to see my son happy. She was God send at the time I needed help. Big Thank You Nita , you are truly awesome ?

27 September 2020

An amazing Reiki Master

30 September 2020

Helped me a lot with my low mood. Felt a lot better.

Reiki Session
6 October 2020

Nita is very welcoming, down to earth and easy to talk with. Great listening skills and very good Reiki master. I would highly recommend her.

Reiki — Remotely
8 October 2020

Although the treatment was done distantly, it was a very calming and relaxing experience - just after the treatment, I had a very nice deep, long sleep.

Crystal Products
13 October 2020

Excellent customer service provided by Nita. She is truly professional and knowledgeable about all her products. Great advice given by her and has a very positive outlook to life. A very inspiring individual. I would highly recommend her for her professional service and healing strategies.

Amazing healing
13 October 2020

Amazing healing

Reiki Session
13 October 2020

Very pleasant and peaceful experience. I was made to feel very comfortable throughout the entire session. Would recommend to anyone.

Reiki Session
13 October 2020

Nita is very easy to talk to. Loving, caring, dedicated to her work n always want to go that extra mile. Love her.

Reiki treatment
13 October 2020

I enjoyed the treatment that I had received from the comfort of my home. I felt re-energised and positive post treatment.

Reiki Session
13 October 2020

After receiving treatment, have more positive energy

Reiki Healing Session
17 June 2021

Nita is very welcoming, down to earth and easy to talk with. Great listening skills and very good Reiki master. I would highly recommend her.

Gifted reiki session by friend
11 September 2021

As an individual on the spiritual path, I came to a point where my whole feeling/thinking system was getting too much for me and needed help to find my way, to centre me. I was gifted a treatment from a dear friend after hearing about Nita's gift. I felt comfortable in her presence and well-taken care of, the experience was professional yet welcoming & humble. Thank you so much for bring me to peace and I will be taking your advice forward. Love and Light

Access Bars
25 February 2022

Nita is so talented and strong in her ability to heal. I went in for the Access Bars healing with very little knowledge of what it would entail but Nita explained very well on what would be done during the session. She performs her healing in a very calm and comfortable environment. The 90 minute session was quite enlightening for me with each point being explained as and she got to it. I felt very relaxed at the end of it and had a very good sleep after the session - felt like the pressure has just lifted off my head and shoulders. I look forward to seeing what more changes this healing brings to me. Thanks Nita!

First Reiki Experience
17 March 2022

This was an amazing experience created by the warming presence of Nita, raising my consciousness and giving me much needed clarity in my current life. I would highly recommend especially for those who have been soul-searching/ looking for purpose in their lives. First Class Reiki Healing!

Combined Reiki & Access Bars Session
19 March 2022

The combined session with Nita was absolutely amazing. I felt at ease and comfortable. This session was a has session that I’ve never had previously it was so deeply connected. I was truly guided and support by Nita. I connected to my guides, and angels as well as my true connection with God. It was such a surreal experience. I had a lot of energy that was block especially the 3rd eye. Nita helped me to shift the old patterns and energy blocks. I felt like a new and peaceful me after the healing. I am truly grateful for the session and I will definitely be using Nita again for more sessions, she is Spiritually gifted and with her warmth I was so grateful to be with her presence. Thank you again for your true essence. God bless you

18 April 2022

I do not remember the last time I felt so invigorated and free!

Reiki & Bars Session
23 April 2022

Nita is gifted, really gifted. I'm quite spiritual and done angelic reiki therefore I could feel after my first session with Nita I would return. And that I did!

Access Bars, what can I say, it takes away  the stress and the hesitation of limiting beliefs and opportunities, you tap in more with your consciousness and intuition.

Nita is superb, makes you feel safe and heard. I think investment in your spiritual and mental health is so important ❤️

Reiki & Bars Session
10 May 2022

I was recommended Nita by a friend as had never tried Reiki before but wanted to go to someone already trusted. I found the whole experience from start to finish really positive. Nita creates a calm atmosphere and guides you throughout the session which made me feel comfortable at all times. I will definitely be returning for another session and have found the experience has helped me in my healing journey. I have already recommended Nita to friends and grateful for the help even just one session provided.

Access Bars
2 June 2022

I went into the session not quite knowing what to expect. It was the first time that I had had an Access Bar session. Nita was very welcoming, put me at ease and explained the process.

Nita was able to tell me things she could see that she would not know about me as it was the first time she had met me. I just felt a sense of calm and peace which continued after the session. My mind is normally so active with all the chatter going on and for the first time there was nothing. No chatter just peace.

After the session she advised me on things I could do to continue my healing process and to protect myself from negative energies I may come across.


Reiki & Bars
2 June 2022

Nita is very professional, friendly and she is so fine tuned with her abilities to perform reikhi and undergo access bars. She is truly gifted and it's always a real pleasure to call upon her services.

A wonderful experience
16 July 2022

Absolutely blown away with the experience and professionalism. I am so happy to have gone through the Reiki session. I truly feel lighter and less anxious

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