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Welcome Beautiful Soul, to our updated website Mystikal Zen. Here we hope you find all things that bring joy and balance to your life.

It is not always easy finding the right path, however our journeys really begin when we follow our true desires and focus on the things that really matter most. With that in mind, I have launched this website after years of contemplating how to shine some light into this world and give back to help others.

As most of our family and friends know, we have been providing bespoke bindi’s for our clients for a number of years.  All thanks to a dear friend Tina, who I met at Uni, and helped out with my specific requests. I am thankful for all my friends and family for supporting us through this period and spreading the word, looking back we never knew what a small gesture would lead us to and continue for so long with thanks to our returning customers.

We all face life’s daily challenges, some real highs, and some real lows. In Dec 2015, I lost my dear dad unexpectedly, which left a great hole in my sacred space. This left me questioning life’s real existence and purpose, from all the things that we have been conditioned to by society but never really fully understanding the real reasons ‘why’ things occur or happen to be.

In 2016,  I decided I needed to change the way I looked at life, rather than it being a continuous never ending circle, where things became a constant wheel – busy juggling a full time career, being a wife, and mother to my children. I needed a break from the norm and take time out to think and heal properly and get a new fresh perspective. I attended some amazing rejuvenation and wellbeing detox programmes over in India and taking the time to being still with Mother Nature. This experience really opened myself including facing up to my buried fears and worries. I started to realise that in order to help others,  I needed to listen from within and to be 100% myself first before I could truly help others,  the term “we can’t give from an empty vessel” was a prominent term mentioned by many. This was probably the turning point, and one that led me on my spiritual journey where I took up regular meditations and discovered Reiki (Universal energy healing) gaining Level 1 and Level 2 attunement in 2018/2019 respectively,  and later becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher in October 2019.

Understanding the power of Reiki along with regular practice of crystal healing and meditations has been a real blessing and one that has now become integrated with my lifestyle choices. This journey has introduced me to so many wonderful people, some whom have now become part of my soul family. They say you meet people for a reason and now I can start to understand why. The magic is all in the vibrations of our energy fields, and how we resonate with people who vibrate on similar frequencies. We feel depleted and exhausted when we are surrounded by lower frequencies, but feel so good when we are surrounding by beacons of light. Lesson is to take time out to be still,  look after oneself, to heal, rejuvenate and cleanse both mentally and physically regularly.

The year of 2020 has been quite an interesting roller-coaster experience for us all, testing our belief systems, learning to adapt and transforming into new ways of living.  Bringing to the surface and rediscovering hidden interests and hobbies, but most of all has given us a wake up call to truly cherish things that really matter most.

For me personally, it has provided me a chance to listen from within, time to reflect and finding the courage to explore new journeys, one of which is to bring this online venture alive. The idea of combining bindis along with crystal healing –  both of which have a  strong connection to chakras (energy centers),  only came to the fore while delving deeper into this fascinating area and connecting us to Mother Earth.

This venture has only been possible with thanks to the support of my dear family and friends. With special thanks to my husband and children who have helped immensely behind the scenes, so that we can display the lovely gems we have to offer for which I am eternally grateful.

We are dedicated to giving you the very best high-quality products, along with giving our clients friendly and helpful customer service. All our healing products are ethically sourced, and energetically cleansed. So please feel free to look around and do drop us a message if you’re looking for anything specific, we will endeavor to help meet your requirements. Our prices remain competitive as does our commitment to getting you exactly what you require. We work with well established suppliers and partners, so you never need to look elsewhere.

Our eCommerce website is built and designed to achieve the highest traffic through using the latest innovative technology, making our website safe, secure and seamless in every factor. Our objectives are very simple, we work with the customer in mind and ensure they receive the highest standard of service.

Look forward to the new road ahead.

Love and Light to all, Namaste


Reiki Master & Crystal Healing Practitioner – Mystikal Zen Founder

‘Stay true to oneself.  Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Courageous.’ 

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