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Week 2 – 31st October 2020

Can’t believe it’s been Week 2 and of course it’s Happy Halloween  – it couldn’t get any much gloomier even if we tried right, with the ever more second national lockdown being bestowed upon on us just as I am set to publish this weeks blog.

Have you ever wondered what is that makes Halloween more mysterious and spooky than it is? I remember when I  was growing up,  it wasn’t’ really celebrated as much in our Asian communities other than receiving the odd knock on the door. Knock, Knock, Who’s there? –  Remember that all year round classic joke that people use to recycle around. How times have changed as we take a whistle stop tour of memory lane.

Tonight is also a full moon – known as the Blue Moon, you may have all heard the phrase ‘Once in a blue moon’ well it only happens every two to three years and I wanted to share a useful technique that I came across during my journey and what you can do during this period to help optimise and reveal the best possible version of yourself.

Did you know that our energies, moods and behaviours fluctuate depending on where we are on the cycle of the moon? The sceptics among you are already doubting it I can sense it (Ha ha – each to their own!). It’s important to note what effect it does have on us on an individual basis so that you can assess how best to overcome them for your own self discovery. If we briefly look at the science behind the reasons it all starts to make sense. Curious? Look it up on our dear friend Google – I dare you!

During a full moon, many individuals take up meditation with the aid of meditation tools to help with releasing /letting go of areas of us that no longer serve us (body, mind and spirit) and that we need to clear first before we can make deep rooted connections to manifest new intentions and unlock new dreams. 

Many people get worried as soon as you mention a ritual – but it’s not really like the word implies. You may light a candle, create a nice warm ambience that helps you to relax, listen to some guided meditation or listen to calming music and allow your thoughts to do the rest. It’s good to either write down your thoughts and then burn the pieces of paper during the session – it’s whatever resonates with you. A simple, yet powerful technique to owning up and facing all those difficult conversations that we put off having with our inner selves and those that we may not necessary make time for easily. I like many of you, did exactly that, and hoped they ‘magically’ disappeared, but it didn’t, it just gets more tougher and harder to face upto. Remember, the more we push under the carpet, the bigger the bulge that is created over time,  so sooner or later the bulge will start to cause someone a big trip hazard and it will be probably be you that it takes you down, and in most cases the worst possible time ever. So no matter how big or small make some time for yourselves today. Give gratitude and blessings for all the good things that you value in your life and hopefully it will leave you in a much more freer, lighter state than you started with.

It’s a great time for charging up your crystal healing collection under the full moon too, as crystals are known to be the wisdom keepers of the earth. The full moon illuminates its magnificent power of divine energies into them which is the source of amplification, subconscious power and illumination. So go and grab that crystal stash and leave it out overnight 🙂

Meditation and journaling practices have helped me personally. They have helped me to bring things into focus, prioritise my time on the things that matter and value the most. So give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Remember to welcome the knock on the door, invite the monsters and embrace the magic.

Love & Light


Feel free to ask questions, post comments and suggest topics you would like to hear more on.

Which techniques work for you? Please share your stories

Picture Credits: Nysa, Pranav, Sienna & Sarina Bhanderi

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