Shungite Round Mobile Phone / Laptop Disc with sticker – Ohm


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Shungite Round Disc Sticker with Ohm engraved on the top face, comes with peel able sticker on reverse. Made in Russia.

Approx. 3mm thick

Can be used on mobiles, laptops, tablets and all other electrical devices for protection against Electromagnetic Fields (EMF).

Shungite is a protective healing stone known for:

  • Relieving stress, anxiety & insomnia
  • Protects from Electromagnetic fields
  • Creates physical, emotional strength & clarity
  • Promotes healthy growth & healing
  • Purifies & charges water

Whilst we take great care in displaying accurate details and pictures of our items, please note they may vary in colour. Each piece is unique and slight variations are to be expected and all dimensions stated are approximate.

All products are energetically cleansed and infused with Reiki for extra protection and healing. Be reassured all our products are inspected before posting to ensure it meets the highest standards.

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