Rudrayani Japa Mala


108 Japa Mala  – Certified

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One Beautiful Rudrayani Mala with tiny 108 beads.

Length is approx. 21cm with 3.5mm diameter beads. Each Mala is different and had is own certificate of authenticity.

Malas are used for chanting and can be worn during meditation and cleansing work.

Rudraksha is known as Lords Shiva Tears.

Rudrayani Mala
The female part of Rudraksha.
The tiny beads of Rudrani which are rare to find and are wonderful in effect are said to be the female part of the Rudraksha. It is kept in Puja rooms along with Rudraksha to get the results of the totality of the Shiva – Parvati jori (pair). Those who keep this jori in their place of worship get all the material pleasures in this birth and salvation after death.

This mala consists of 108 Rudrayani beads strung together on red thread.

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Dimensions 21 × 0.35 cm

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