8mm Chakra Bracelet with Hematite


8mm Chakra Bracelets
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These popular Chakra bracelets come with 7 chakra and Hematite crystal 8mm beads which provide healing for the 7 energy centers in our body. They are strung together on stretchable plastic string.  Each round bead is approx 8mm wide.

Each bracelet contains the following beads:

1 x Clear Quartz – Crown Chakra
1 x Amethyst – Third Eye
1 x Sodalite – Throat Chakra
1 x Green Aventurine – Heart Chakra
1 x Yellow Aventurine – Solar Plexus Chakra
1 x Carnelian – Sacral Chakra
1 x Tiger Eye – Root/Base Chakra
17 x Hematite – For grounding and protection
Total: 24 beads

Approx overall dimensions:
Internal diameter: 55mm

Each bracelet comes with a small organza bag. These bracelets are sold as standard sizes, however we understand that they may be too big for the average hand. We therefore will include two extra pieces of 600mm length strings so that you can adjust them as required if needed. To adjust the bracelet, fold one string into two (making it a double thread) and re-bead the desired quantity of the stones and and tie together to desired requirements.
Whilst we take great care in displaying accurate details and pictures of our items, please note they may vary in colour. Average dimensions are provided where possible.

All products are energetically cleansed and infused with Reiki for extra protection and healing (if this not desired please do let us know). Be reassured all our products are inspected before posting to ensure it meets the highest standards.

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